Schneider Electric Announces Adoption of Wiztopic’s Blockchain Certification Platform

Schneider Electric continues its digital journey to become a trusted and secured source for its stakeholders
Blockchain technology is the easiest way for companies to protect their brands from hacktivism

2023-04-25 10:18 출처: Schneider Electric

Paris--(뉴스와이어)--Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, and Wiztopic, the publisher of a new platform solution for communication teams, today announced the expansion of their partnership.

Schneider Electric has been using Wiztopic’s communication platform since 2017 to distribute its content in a secure, compliant way. Schneider is now implementing Wiztrust, a certification platform powered by Wiztopic. This platform utilizes blockchain technology to address the growing problem of fake news in the corporate and financial world.

“Digital technologies are transforming age-old practices of communications and information while blurring the lines between facts and fictions. That doesn’t mean audiences are any less discerning. It more means we, journalists and communicators, have a duty in authenticating and vetting our contributions and sources to prevent them from fake news,” explains Becky Edwards, Schneider Electric Chief Communications Officer. “By adopting Wiztrust, Wiztopic’s blockchain certification platform, Schneider Electric shows that digital is the most efficient way to become a trusted and secured source for its stakeholders.”

Wiztrust allows companies to easily certify the announcements they distribute to the press, investors, and analysts. Corporate communications and investor relations professionals use the platform to generate a unique fingerprint for their content. Recipients can then verify the content’s authenticity by a quick “drag and drop” on

“With the increasing sophistication of digital, audio, and video technologies, fake financial news is easier to create and harder to detect,” said co-founder Raphaël Labbé. “Corporates and listed companies, as well as the news outlets that cover them, are seeing the need to protect their brands from hacktivist activity.”

In addition to Schneider Electric, more than 15 Wiztopic clients in financial services, insurance, pharmaceutical, and real estate have implemented Wiztrust to certify their corporate news including Allianz, Bouygues, BPCE, Groupe Beneteau, Klépierre, Macif, Malakoff Humanis and Natixis.

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