Sky Labs Provided CART-I For Clinical Study of Oxford University Professor Betts

A smart-alert study to guide anticoagulant treatment for patients with atrial fibrillation

2021-02-23 11:00 출처: Sky Labs

The world’s first ring-type heart-monitoring device, CART-I developed by Sky Labs

SEONGNAM--(뉴스와이어) 2021년 02월 23일 -- Sky Labs, a healthcare start-up, announced that CART-I, its ring-type heart-monitoring device, had been provided for Timothy Betts, professor of medicine at Oxford University, for his clinical research.

Professor Timothy Betts is a cardiologist and arrhythmia specialist. He is a key figure for clinical research in cardiac rhythm management and an associate professor of cardiovascular medicine at Oxford University. He is also a member of the Oxford Biomedical Research Center and the UK representative on the EHRA National Cardiac Societies Committee.

Atrial fibrillation patients are advised to take anticoagulants to prevent the risk of stroke. However, it is not easy to identify the symptoms. Professor Betts plans to conduct a clinical study with Sky Labs CART-I, Medtronic Reveal LINQ II and Apple Watch to detect atrial fibrillation symptoms and alert the patients to take anticoagulants when needed.

Fifty patients recruited for the study will be inserted with a Reveal LINQ II implantable cardiac monitor (ICM). Then they will receive a Sky Labs CART-I ring or an Apple Watch. The ability of the ring and the watch to monitor heart rhythm and alert atrial fibrillation episodes will be analyzed in comparison with the ICM.

CART-I is the world’s first ring-type heart-monitoring device. The photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor in the ring monitors the bloodstream in the finger and continuously measures the irregular pulse waves of atrial fibrillation. Electrocardiogram (ECG) can be also measured by simply placing the fingers on the metal part of the ring.

Professor Timothy Betts said, “I’m pleased to conduct a study to monitor the atrial fibrillation of patients by using CART-I and utilize the data to guide atrial fibrillation treatment. CART-I featuring innovative design and multiple functions will be of great help to patients and medical staffs.”

Jack Lee, CEO of Sky Labs, said, “The study will be an opportunity for us to enter the global healthcare market. CART-I will make a good combination with the ICM in monitoring heart rhythm and providing meaningful data for patients and doctors.”

Sky Labs’ CART-I won the Digital Health & Technology Competition of the European Society of Cardiology for 2 consecutive years from 2018. The company was selected as the technology pioneer of the World Economic Forum 2019 and invited to the annual forum.

About Sky Labs

Sky Labs developed CART (Cardio Tracker) - I, a ring-type medical device to monitor heart signals and detect diseases by using optical sensors. It monitors atrial fibrillation, which cannot be detected in advance, 24/7. The results can be checked in real time on the CART-app of your smartphone. Very light and water-resistant, the CART ring is easy to use and causes no inconvenience to your daily life. Winning the final of the Grants4Apps held by Bayer, a German multinational pharmaceutical company, in 2017, Sky Labs attracted investment from Bayer Headquarters. Sky Labs and the Charité in Germany, one of Europe’s largest hospitals, have been considering collaborative clinical research in heart-related diseases since May 2018. It is the only Korean company which won the Digital Health and Technology Competition of the European Society of Cardiology for 2 consecutive years. In addition, the company was invited as a technology pioneer to the World Economic Forum 2019.

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